Frame knob control will allow you to reset the frame where light passes through for the picture. Speed will allow you to adjust the FPS to match your digital recorder. Average frame rate for old 8mm film is 14 frames per second up to 24 frames per second. Super 8mm film generally is 18 fps up to 24 fps. Camcorder, whether digital or analog vary from 10 to 29.97 and now the newer 1080i up to 60fps. Please poke around and read pages for more in depth instructions. Right now look for a decent projector that meets your budget, just be sure it has these features; Focus [lens], Frame & variable Speed.                       

<— Important controls ^

Frame & Speed are vital for conversion.

Video Conversion on a Budget

             The speed and frame rate adjustment are important features that reduce “Flicker”. ( see Virtual Dub section on Edit page ) Purchasing a projector: They are no longer in production! You will notice a high demand for old projectors specifically Super 8mm [with or without sound].

             Pay attention to what you need. Old projectors can be found on websites as rebuilt, refurbished and in “as is” condition. My suggestion in your endeavor is research; search eBay or craigslist, now search for those same models on the web. Do they have the features you will need? Frame window adjuster and speed control? Some people do not list correctly or did not know what they had. I found my projector a dual unit in the 8mm section on eBay, this one happened to be brand new and I was fortunate enough to win it. ($100)

             I happen to like the Bell & Howell S8; I believe this model was actually made by Chinook. It has served me well and so far never eaten my film...fingers crossed Also keep this in mind; I have read the Dual Units are not good for regular 8mm they work better if you only intend to run the Super 8. I did not want to ruin my film and listened to that advice.

             Telecides and Frame scanners: They are very expensive, a good cheap model can be found for about $450 - $650 upwards to $1500. if you have the $$$ for a telecide or scanner you probably do not belong on this page...





Projectors: 101                                       Typical Dual 8, Super 8 & 8mm.

        Typical 8mm Unit